9 Day Schedule

Here is a day by day of the Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse System

Day 1 (Shake Day)
This is not your ordinary milkshake, the goal is to put a lot of nutrients into your body and the shakes do just that in one serving. It tastes okay by itself, however, you can add flavoring to make it taste the way you want it to.. The snacks, are to control your hunger throughout the day. For lunch, make it a colorful meal and call it a day.

Day 2 (Shake Day)
Is much like day one. At this point you want to snack more and make sure you’re eating enough to keep you from feeling dizzy or light headed. It’s hard to know what your tolerance is until you give it a try. Drink plenty of water!

Day 3 (Cleanse Day)
Detox Day. Cleanse for Life and Isagenix snacks to keep your stomach occupied. Make sure you drink tons of water to help keep you feeling somewhat full. By the end of this day is when only the strong survive. However, the reward of weight loss will have you doing this again in the future.

Day 4 (Cleanse Day)
Another Detox Day. Cleanse for Life and Isa snacks. Prepare for the celebration this night. There is a good chance you lost a significant amount of weight. Mentally, you need to keep yourself focused. This very rewarding and very challenging as well.

Day 5 (Shake Day)
This shake will be the best thing you have ever tasted. Your meal is going to eat is going to be unbelievable This day is the same as day 1 and 2.

Day 6 (Shake Day)
You made it to day 6! Believe me when I say this, It gets easier after day 5. You get into the grove and start to understand how people can do this for 30 days for the Isagenix 30 day system. You will now enjoy the shake because of your new found appreciation for food and you meal is going to taste as good as Thank Giving dinner. You will have more energy than you could imagine.

Day 7 (Shake Day)
This day will be much like day 6 will tons of energy and motivation that the end is near but you won’t really care about the end at this point.

Day 8-9 (Cleanse Day)
This is definitely easier than the first two cleanse days. Your day will feel more normal and this will not be as challenging as the first two cleanse days. When you hop on the scale, you see the difference.

It’s recommended to do two more shake days and then start returning to your normal eating habits. I will forewarn you, this will change the way you think about food and make you more conscious of what you’re putting into your mouth.